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Douchebag Life Guide – Pimped Crib

Douchebag Workout 2
You can customize several elements of your crib, such as the paint on your walls, your tv, sofa, carpet, stereo, bed, picture frames, plants and lamps.
Tip: Buy paint for your walls in flashy colors. Pink is always a winner! Buy all the most expensive objects to decorate your home if you can afford them.
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Douchebag Life Guide – Look
Douchebag Life Guide – Mass
Douchebag Life Guide – Energy

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Douchebag Life Guide – Look

Douchebag Workout
Your look is your “douche style”. You can modify 5 elements of your style; your hair, your shave, your shirts, your pants and your tan, Douchebag Workout
Tip: Buy the most creative hairstyle, a shave with motifs, pink colored tops or tops with popped collars, shorts or ripped jeans and get tanned to the max.
Douchebag Life Guide – Mass
Douchebag Life Guide – Energy
Guide to becoming a real Douchebag Workout and completing the game

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Douchebag Life Guide – Mass

Douchebag Workout 2
Your body mass will increase when you go workout. You can workout for 1 hour at $20, 2 hours at $40 and 3 hours at $60. You can also buy some enhancers, such as Creatine and Steroids, which will amplify your training. They are available at the shopping mall.
Tip: If you have the time and the money, go workout twice a day for 3 hours, and when you can afford it buy some steroids. Steroids will be unlocked when you reach level 3 game Douchebag Workout .