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Handle Douchebags who Ruin your Life

Douchebags are everywhere. Even inside of us. When someone you’ve cared for and loved effs you over, betrays you, treats you like you can do what I do. You know, take yourself and your problem too seriously, and make a mess of things, horrifying even those who love you and have your back.
Douchebag workout 2
Douchebag workout 2
Hold that grudge. Everyone’s always saying “let go,” “don’t hold your grudge.” “Forgive.” Tell them to shut up and go back to reading their Tony Robbins. ‘Cause fuck that. Holding a grudge feels sooo good. It’ll keep you warm in the wintertime.
But hold that grudge loosely, lest it burn you.
I never let go of a grudge ever. I’ll forget what I had for lunch before I forget what Michelle did to me in first grade recess.
Talk about it to anyone who will or won’t listen! Bring it out like an old baseball bat or sword you’ve got to polish from time to time.
Never forget: but! And here’s the clincher which will make all of you hippies happy:
Easily forgive. Good advice re: ex-boyfriends, ladies! Good advice re: ex-girlfriends, gents!
So: don’t forget. Don’t ignore. Don’t forget. But do forgive. Do move on.
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